New Mobile Web & App Designs

We've been busy and excited about new designs we've built for bands that are using our service. Over time, we may be able to take these designs ideas, turn them into templates, and offer them to other artists.

Our latest design is one we're building for country star and Entertainer of the Year nominee Natalie Stovall. I like the simple but visually stunning design. Also, the social links at the bottom of the home page send you to pages that are mobile friendly - that wasn't the case a year ago, when none of these sites rendered correctly on a mobile phone browser.

We also made a web design for Fistful of Mercy. This design is sort of a "portal" design - the home page doesn't provide a lot of content. Instead, the site links you to other pages to learn more and engage the band. I like the way this site "lays out", as the pictures represent the visually exciting element of the page and provide a clear delineation between the links. This picture shows it as an Android App.
Good designs are important to maintain the brand of the band and engage fans visually in ways that make them want to explore the site. There's some challenge to making that happen on a small screen (and even more behind the scenses to make them look good an the many different phones, browsers and operating systems). The design doesn't impact the back -end mobile marketing engine we provide, so all of the services for both Artist and Fan are available, regardless of design.

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