Use Voting on your mobile web to atract new fans

I am noticing a lot more polls today, being used on everything from Sports Illustrated, the Weather Channel, and my own Yahoo web landing page. Advertising for car insurance is even presented as a poll. It got me thinking about how valuable the VOTING feature on the Adva Mobile service is for music artists.

Fan engagement is the key to maintaining loyalty and Voting represents a very cool way to keep engaged with your fans. You never want to overwhelm your fans with too many texts, but I can see where they would never get tired of answering polls because they are so much fun. Asking your fans about everything from what they think the conclusion of the Egyptian revolution will be to what should your encore song be at the next show helps you understand your fans and connect with them in a personal way that only the mobile phone can offer.

The Adva Mobile Voting feature is easy to set up. Under “Your Mobile Web Pages” on your Dashboard, go to the Voting page and set it up. Then, scheduled a text blast to your fans that drives them directly to the Voting page on your mobile site. Very simple. It's only available to our Silver and Gold members so another good reason to upgrade your account - get a better looking mobile website and take advantage of some of the terrific tools on our platform that help you acquire new fans, engage with them and convince them to buy your stuff. The insight you get from asking your fans questions and getting that feedback is a key component to understanding your fan base and being able to connect with them in a very personal, rewarding way.

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