Adva Mobile Launch News - OK …. We Learned

OK, We Learned …. You really need a mobile website and App that is beautiful to look at and that you are proud of and want to show to your friends and your fans.

The new mobile sites we are offering for Artists who take advantage of our Free level are elegant, modern and visually attractive. They're designed to give your fans a terrific user experience when they engage you on a mobile phone and we want your mobile site to help you create loyalty with your fans and engage them in ways that will let you sell to them. For these emerging Artists, we offer our Free platform with a visually attractive mobile website and a very comprehensive marketing toolset to help you attract, engage, and begin a mobile commerce relationship with your fans.

For Artists that are making money and need a more comprehensive strategy, our Plus service ads Android and iPhone Apps so that you are everywhere mobile is and can demonstrate that you are hip with mobile. Not all of your fans are smart phone users, but some of those who are want an App experience.

Brand conscious Artists want to move beyond the very slick templates that we offer for mobile website and App Design to a mobile strategy that maintains their Brand across all of their digital platforms. We provide these Artists customized HTML5/App designs and these can be anything that you imagine.

Check out what we can provide you at www.advamobile.com

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