Adding Content to your Mobile Web Site

The new Adva Mobile marketing platform for Artists makes it easy to offer content for your fans to enjoy. This content includes pictures, music and videos and are always fan favorites and often the most visited pages. There are a number of different tools you can use to get content to your fans, including Exclusive Content, which offers something in exchange for an email address, and the Store, where you sell your content. But you can also let fans stream your music, download pictures, and watch your videos, and that's set up on the Content page.

It couldn't be easier. From the Portal Dashboard, you select Content from the menu, and that brings you to the content page. Each type of content has it's own creation page - Add Music, Add Video, and Add Photos. For Music and Photos, you're going to upload the content and give it a name. For video, you're going to enter the URL to your video - YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

On your mobile site, your Home Page has a Content link that brings fans to a page where they can choose Music, Videos and Photos. For now, our service supports an unlimited amount of content, and you can continue to change it out to give your fans a fresh new experience when they visit your mobile site. We also keep track of which content is most popular with your fans -helpful info as you target and market to them.

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