Mobile - Centric Marketing

Bands continually find their way to Adva Mobile for mobile websites and Apps, and discover something else – a marketing platform to acquire fans, engage them and sell to them. That’s marketing (at least the acquire and engage parts). Mobile marketing has become one of the most popular ways to promote your band to your fans. It works when fans opt in to receiving text messages from you and by you sending messages to your fans mobile phones. This can be a great way to find and keep fans buying since studies have shown that people pay far more attention to messages on their phone than they do to things like email. That being said, mobile marketing is just a small part of the total process of making sales. You have to integrate mobile into your total marketing campaign.

Just so you know, mobile, as our way of understanding, reaching and engaging with fans, is the life-giving sun around which we craft the orbit of our marketing campaigns. And the idea that mobile marketing for musicians is the most likely candidate to become the beating heart of your brand will soon be self-evident. 

That’s the message of big brands today. And it’s coming to small businesses, and Artists. 
Just like the big brands recognize:  The promise of persistent availability, the promise of personal treatment and instant outcomes, real-time targeted fan benefits. The at-your- fingertips quality of a whole new kind of always-on Artist – fan experience. 

I remain astonished that the music industry continues to fret over whether “mobile” is really about CRM more than it is acquisition, or “mobile” is simply an additive media channel, or how “mobile” is really about applications (sigh …). 

Artists that “get it” are transforming their brands themselves, as all around us a single, stunning fresh fact of life becomes clearer every day: mobile is changing everything.

If you are responsible for marketing your band, I propose you need to pay a new-found attention to something you may have been missing completely: the simple yet profoundly insightful behavior of people interacting with their mobile phones – and each other.  

Real marketing seeks to attach to the existing behavior of your fans by offering up and inserting perfectly placed instants of value, maybe even magic, into the mix of mobile behaviors currently in play with your fans. 

This article proposes it is time to not simply move mobile onto center-stage of our Artist to fan relationships. It is time to completely rethink the nature and effect of every inch of your brand within the context of mobile. 

The context of ubiquity and transparency. The context of near-frictionless distribution and reach of message and content. The context of empowered devices in the hands of people already transforming their lives in ways that could never have been foreseen. 

The context of stronger Artist to fan relationships, that lead to paying fans.

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