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March 22, 2013
Adva Mobile Relaunches Free Mobile Sites Helping Musicians Connect with Fans
By Steve Anderson , Contributing TMCnet Writer

While the music industry has changed somewhat in the last few years, with some acts emerging to earn livings strictly from their own efforts, one key point in the concept is still the sheer power of marketing. For Adva Mobile, offering a little help on that front looks to be at the head of the list, and to that end, it's recently undergone a complete redesign and an accompanying re-launch of its mobile sites and its primary website as well.

It's not just aesthetics that brought Adva Mobile to change its sites up; it was also a point of improving functionality. Following the original launch of Adva Mobile, some believed that the feature set was certainly worthwhile--especially for a free offering--but the design needed some help. To that end, Adva Mobile launched a crowdfunding effort in late 2011 geared toward getting cash in on a redesign. With that proving successful, Adva Mobile could then turn its attention to not only a redesign, but also toward adding extra features.

The mobile sites, for example, are all now built in HTML5, making them accessible from any mobile device, while also allowing them to be distributed as native apps on the main app stores, still where many get their apps. That's a great start, but the Adva Mobile platforms also boast SMS text messaging at no charge, as well as a text messaging system that's part of the analytics features.

This allows for an interesting scenario that starts when a fan sends a certain text message to get access to the band's material. The incoming number associated with the text message is stored as part of the artist's own database, which can then be re-used to send followup messages and identify those users who send in. Fans that buy content are also logged accordingly so they can receive further messages about the band's operations and about any new content to follow.

What's more, artists can start to identify "core fans" based on the activity logged, and in turn start providing special incentives for these important parts of any musician's career. This kind of "fan engagement," as it's often called, can help bolster a career.

Though many of Adva Mobile's services are available at no charge, some advanced functions are available on a for-pay basis. Adva Mobile offers a set of e-commerce services at no charge, with artists setting prices for digital content that is then fulfilled with a 10 percent fee. Basic designs are free, and custom designs are available at $1000, with a wider range of designs expected available in the future. Adva Mobile will even handle the submissions process on HTML5 mobile Web apps for a $400 setup fee and $500 per year, or $50 a month.

Adva Mobile has a lot of room to build outward, and the best part is that it already has a sound stock of features to begin with, thus any development it does will simply be augmenting what looks to be an already solid experience. Good marketing is central to any artist's career. It's never enough to simply have a good painting or a good sculpture or a good story or a good song; if no one hears it, sees it or reads it, what good, inevitably, is it? Part of art is its impact on other people, and without that impact, art is largely useless. Adva Mobile looks to put marketing more in the hands of artists, and in turn, get more art out in front of people.

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