Valentines Day Feature Flash 2 - Pay What You Want

We're feeling the Valentines Day love and giving some of our own with new Features just released that strengthen the Adva Mobile Platform. Read on to check out

  • Stripe Payments and Bitcoin
  • Pay What You Want
  • Texting In During Contests is Easier for Fans
  • Texting in to capture a Fan's Zipcode

Here's the second - Pay What You Want

We've added a feature to our Artist Mobile Store where you can put up an item for sale and let Fans choose what they want to pay for it. 

Pay What You Want has become an attractive alternative for Artists who have digital content especially (music, podcasts, videos) that fans typically acquire/download for free but, as studies have shown, would pay for these items to support their favorite Artists if that option was presented to them. 

We were at a recent Independent Musicians Conference and one of the Keynote Speakers said "If you don't give a Fan the ability to buy something from you, it's not their fault!" 

We rest our case.

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