Valentines Day Feature Flash 3 - Texting In During Contests is Easier for Your Fans

We're feeling the Valentines Day love and giving some of our own with new Features just released that strengthen the Adva Mobile Platform. Read on to check out

  • Stripe Payments and Bitcoin
  • Pay What You Want
  • Texting In During Contests is Easier for Fans
  • Texting in to capture a Fan's Zipcode

Here's the third - Texting In During Contests is Easier for Your Fans 

In the past, when a fan texted get to 444999 when you had a Contest running, they would get a text back with a link that brought them to your Home Page. Then they would click on the link on the Home page to get to the Contest page and, after entering their Name and zip code, would enter the Contest.

Now, if someone texts in while a Contest is Active, they get a text back that reads: Thanks, u have been entered into Contest. Stay tuned. More info: http://adva.us/?i=xxxxxx. That link will bring them to the Contest entry page where they can offer up more info - their zip code and name, for example. However, they don't need to - they are already entered in the Contest. The rest of the Contest feature works as it does now.

The upside for Artists is, I think, that now it's a lot easier for your Fans to enter a Contest. The small downside is that we won't automatically force the Fan to provide their name and zip code before they can enter the Contest. However, we can capture that info in other places.

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