Brimstone Radio and Adva Mobile Announce Mobile Marketing and Internet Radio Collaboration

Brimstone mobile fan clubWe're very excited to announce our partnership with Brimstone, an artist promotion company and internet radio station. Brimstone Radio will offer mobile marketing services from Adva Mobile to promote Artists featured on Brimstone Radio.

From the press release:
"Fans of Brimstone Radio can now find this Internet Radio pioneer on their mobile
phones, where they can discover new music, learn about Brimstone Radio sponsored
events, watch videos, download content, purchase merchandise and interact socially
with other Brimstone Radio fans. Their services are provided through powerful mobile
marketing software developed by Adva Mobile.
In addition, music artists featured on Brimstone Radio can offer their own mobile
marketing service to their fans, including mobile messaging and mobile-optimized web
sites that offer a variety of content and activities such as news, music and video
downloads, interviews, ticket and merchandise sales, recommendations about other
artists and influences, contests, voting, raffles, backstage passes, text to screen, and
more. Brimstone Radio and their musicians sites are linked together to enable easy
discovery of new music and musicians on the sites."

"Brad Simmons, Founder, Brimstone Radio: “Setting your
band apart is paramount in this “New Age” of indie music
and partnering with Adva Mobile is a huge step in that
process. Adding mobile interaction to their arsenal will
certainly enable our family of artists to build a strong and
interactive fan base.”"

Check out their mobile site by texting "Brimstone" to 43863 or clicking here.

Read more here.

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