Couple minor changes on the home page

Hi all,
We're celebrating these days our 400th artist to get their own mobile fan club! It's very exciting for us and along hard work, we're happy to see artists communicate with their fans using the SMS blast tool, fans downloading music and watching videos, and everyone benefiting from our free service.
To celebrate this occasion, we're introducing 3 changes to the home page, requested by many artists:
  • Highlight tickets on sale right on the mobile home page: Whenever you set gig tickets for sale, the nearest 3 gigs that have tickets on sale will show right at the bottom of your home page. This way, it's not intrusive to the fan who just wants to listen to your music, but it does a better job of making your tickets visible to those fans who will be interested in them.

  • Highlight merchandise on the home page: Similarly, we've been requested to give you tools to promote the merchandise on sale better. One way to do that, we've taken 3 of your merchandise items and highlighted them at the bottom of the home page. Again, with the intention of not being obtrusive about it, just serving you and the fans who want T-shirts, CDs etc.

  • Last, a very minor change to the footer, in which the links are now one below the other, a little like an iPhone interface. Slightly nicer.

    New Footer
We hope you like those changes and use them to promote tickets and merch to your fans. As always, feel free to give us more direction and feedback here.

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