Announcing Concertwire partnership

Concertwire get their promoter mobile fan club from Adva Mobile
We're very excited to announce one of the most important partnerships to date, with Concertwire. The Concertwire mobile fan club is essentially a promoter account for us. We're promoting over 100 shows in the next 3 months, including direct access to the artist information and tickets for each of the shows. Over time, as more Concertwire artists get their own mobile fan club, the link from the show will link directly to their mobile fan club page.
This announcement is important because of two reasons:
  • First, we're revealing a new set of promoter-oriented features (check it out):

    • Promotion of a series of shows controlled by Concertwire.

    • Direct access to extended show information, including location, time and description.

    • Direct access to artist information as well as tickets information.

    • Quick show discovery function by date, artist, venue and city.

  • Second, Concertwire is a great partner to launch with. They understand the value in strond fan relationships and how mobile is a great and effective new medium to access the fans and give them an optimal experience.

To read more about the announcement, read here.
And, if you're interested in your own promoter account, write to us!

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