Introducing direct, branded URLs to your mobile page

You may remember, in addition to your keyword and shortcode (Remember "send McAlister to 43863?), you also have your own branded URL, that your fans can use on their PCs or their phones. It's short and simple:

Those URLs always brought you to your mobile home page. Not anymore.

Choose any of the following to send your fans to the correct page you want them to go.

For example:
http://adva.us/mcalister?p=b will send your fans to your mobile "Buy" page (your merchandise page).
http://adva.us/mcalister?p=t will send your fans to your mobile "Tweet" page.

So, what do you need to do? simply add "?p=" and the page key to your URLs and you're done!
The page keys are:
h: home (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=h)
b: buy (merchandise page) (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=b)
g: gigs (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=g)
t: tweet (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=t)
l: blog (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=l)
n: news (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?n=h)
u: buzz (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=u)
a: about (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=a)
r: request gig (example: http://adva.us/mcalister?p=r)

That's it!
As always, feel free to send us ideas and comment to here

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