Adva Mobile Analytics - Measure Your Success

A music band's fans are essentially its "customers" and you should make every effort to understand and please them. That include's of course, maintaining close contact through a band-specific mobile web and App and other band-management tools, but sometimes, there's no substitute for good, hard analytics. The Adva Mobile service includes incredibly deep analytics to help you identify fans, measure social engagement, find hot markets, discover trends, gauge attitudes, create in-depth reports and more! The Reports tool - part of your Dashboard - is designed to give bands new insight into where their biggest fans are and what they want to hear.

Mobile allows you to collect so much more information about your fans than traditional media, even the Internet and Facebook.

Fan Analytics
o Collected information including phone number, carrier, location, phone type
o Volunteered information including email, age gender, likes, dislikes.

Of course, location is critical. And also, you can test their likes and dislikes to help you craft the right products and approach. Don't discount info like phone type and carrier. If your fans are heavy smartphone/Verizon - AT&T users, they haver more money to spend than Virgin/Boost/Cricket featurephone fans, and that can help you target price points more effectively.

Behavior Analytics
o Activity on mobile website, most visited pages, content downloads
o Graph, statistics and trending analysis

Being able to test over time and measure what fans want to download from your mobile site helps you figure out what they will buy from you.

Engagement Analytics
o The platform allows you to test positions and fan preferences and measure engagement and response

Behavior Analytics allow you to measure what fans are doing on your mobile website. Engagement Analytics allow you to ask questions and engage in contests that measure the response of offers you make to your fans. This can be tremendously valuable in crafting the right set of products for your fans to buy.

The reports and analytics engine that comes with your Adva Mobile marketing platform are a tremendously valuable tool to augment your efforts on stage, on the web, and in print. Take advantage of these knowledge-creating tools and watch your music career explode.

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