How to make even more $ and drive buzz about your band

Selling Merch using the Mobile Fan ClubDoes 'selling to fans' end at tickets for you? For many bands, selling means selling merchandise!
How about selling merch to your fans, right on their phone, before, after or maybe right at the show?
This week we're announcing a Mobile Fan Club upgrade that will allow you to setup items on sale that your fans can find on your "Buy" page. Checkout is easy and simple with Paypal. Your fans will receive an SMS as proof of purchase and you will be notified that the purchase was complete. You only have to coordinate shipping or pickup of the merch with your fan.
Check out the "Selling Merch" tutorial here.

Fan posts create Twitter buzz about your bandAnother upgrade is that from now on, any post your fans make on your "Post" page (similar to Facebook "wall") will generate Twitter buzz about your band!
The way it works, we've created an Adva Mobile Fans Twitter account. Depending on your preference, Every fan post will create an update to that Twitter account, plus a marker for your band, or we could update your Twitter account, if you gave us your credentials.
Now, not only we can power our little "Post" page with comment, you and your fans can see all comments made in real time also on Twitter.

To finish off with our new features announcements, here's a SMS shortcut you can use:
Let's say your fans want to go straight to one of your pages, let's say, your gigs page. All they need to do, is text "gigs" after your keyword, to GetMe (43863). They'll receive back an SMS that contains a link to your gigs page.
Similarly, if they text "Buy" or "Post", they'll be linked to the right pages!
For example, if you text "Positive Buy" to GetMe, you'll recieve an SMS link to Michael Bernier's mobile "buy" page!

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