How to Sell More Tickets Without an Expensive Service Ripping Off Your Fans

Sell tickets with your mobile fan club"Convenience" charges and "service" charges aren't convenient for your fans and the service isn't any good! Sell your tickets your way by allowing fans to buy seats to your shows directly from you using their mobile phones and your mobile fan club from Adva Mobile.

On your gigs page in Adva Mobile's artist portal, you can control your gigs, including adding tickets for sale for each gig. You can set the age restrictions for the gig, how many tickets you want to sell, and at what price.

Next, blast your fans with an SMS blast, telling them they can secure their tickets, easily and cheaper, through your mobile site.

Mobile tickets checkout using PayPalAs your fans purchase tickets on their phones, we will pass them over to PayPal to complete the processing. They will recognize PayPal as a secure and trusted processing authority, as well as the ease of checking out.

Next, your fans will return to a purchase confirmation page on your mobile site, including their name, how many tickets they bought, authenticating transaction ID and more. They will also receive an SMS containing the same information, that's their proof of purchase at the will-call booth on the night of the show!

Shortly after, you'll receive an email from PayPal telling you that your money has been deposited to your account.

At any time, you can visit the reports page to see how many tickets sold and how many are still available. On the night before the show, the mobile tickets sale will end, and we will send you a tickets sales report that you can email or bring to the venue with you.

Your Mobile Ticket Sales Report

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Note: Please DO NOT sell tickets you don't have!!! You'll make fans unhappy as well as the club, promoter etc.

Selling tickets with your mobile fan club will give your fans easy, cheaper and early access to your show. Before you know it, they'll ask for more...

Start Selling Tickets.

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