On Stage: McAlister Drive

McAlister Drive Expecting to sell-out their 4th show this month
Band Name: McAlister Drive
Genre: Indie / Rock
Hometown: Boston, MA
Sold-out Shows: 3 (+ 1 coming!)
Fans on Mobile Fan Club: 15
Tickets Sold On Mobile: 10
Keyword: Text GetMD to GetME (43863)

Here's Christoph, McAlister Drive's lead singer:
By anyone who has worked with McAlister Drive, they know that MD is one of the hardest working bands in the Boston area. With a rigorous schedule, recording, promoting, and writing, MD is looking for the next thing to streamline their hard work and get back to just focusing on the music. Adva Mobile has offered just that in their new Mobile Fan Club service.

With a world of conveniences, the fan wants everything in music to be at their fingertips.The partnership between Adva Mobile and McAlister Drive has certainly changed the way a band can interact with their fans. Imagine a convenience of being in a band and not having to drive from door to door to get fans to buy tickets to your show. Instead you simply say text GetMD to GetME (43863) and the pressure is off your shoulders!

This week will mark the first week McAlister Drive is implementing the new ticket service into their promotional mix. On March 14th, 2009 MD will be headlining Bill’s Bar in Boston with the prediction that this will be their 4th consecutive sold out show in Boston. To experience this new exciting service first hand, just text GetMD to GetME (43863) and join us in what will be a show that is on the cutting edge of the music industries technology!

Check out McAlister Drive's mobile fan club: text GetMD to GetME (43863) or visit Adva.US/GetMD on your phone or your PC.

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