The Adva Mobile Business Model

Free Mobile Fan Clubs From Adva Mobile
“Free to the Fan, free to the Band”. How do we do it? It’s an important question, because without understanding our business model, and how we make money, you won’t be able to continue using the service for free. So, let us tell you about our "Great Experiment".

For some time now, outside the US people use their phones to do many things, including paying for goods. Some link their phones to bank accounts, others don’t even have bank accounts, and their phone is sort of a “top up card”. The point is, they don’t use credit cards nearly as much as their phones.

You can buy music from your phone today. It’s not so hard. Buy a ringtone, for example. Here at Adva Mobile, we believe fans will support music artists with ticket and merchandise purchases and they will make these purchases, when practical from your phones.

Our Great Experiment is that fans will purchase music, merchandise and tickets from their phones, and that you (the artist) will promote these sales because you can reach fans immediately on their phones, and that they are motivated to buy from you when you tell them. We’ll take a small service fee. If the Great Experiment works, we can continue to offer a great mobile marketing service that includes messaging, rich media, commerce, and sharing, Free to the Fan, Free to the Band.

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