Get the latest activity of your Mobile Fan Club, in your inbox!

Many artists have been telling us that the reports on the artist portal are great, but a quick snapshot email of what happened on their mobile fan club recently is a big improvement.

We're introducing a new feature that will do exactly that: you can now get activity reports straight into your inbox. You can schedule those reports to come to you daily, weekly, monthly or never. Those emails will tell you:
  • How many fans you got in your Mobile Fan Club, how many were added recently.
  • New gigs you've added for which tickets for sale were added to that gig.
  • New merchandise items you've put for sale.
  • New Paypal transactions generated by your fans.
  • New articles you've created or automatically imported from external sources (like ArtistData)
  • And finally, new SMS blasts you've scheduled or executed.
Here's an example report:

Get the latest activity of your Mobile Fan Club, in your inbox!

The weekly reports come out every Thursday afternoon, the monthly ones will come out on the 1st of every month.
Log into the artist portal and under Profile->Change my password and email, you can set the frequency you'd like to recieve those emails. If no preference has been set, we will send you those email weekly.

change the frequency of the summary emails
If you have any comments or more great ideas like this one, write to us.
Thanks and rock your stage!!

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