On Stage: Eleventyseven

Genre: Pop / Punk / Electro / Rock
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina
Fans on Mobile Club:177
Keyword: Text eleventyseven to GETME (43863)

Eleventyseven has a large mobile following and are active on the summer Festival scene, with regular shotouts that attract new mobile fans. Their new CD "Adventures in Eville” is up for sale on their mobile site, and they are especially active on Twitter, promoting their fan club – these posts show up on their mobile pages also.

As for fan relationships, Eleventyseven “get it”. Phillip Peters from True Artist Management: ”They want fans and listeners to know that they can be part of something so much greater than just a fan base. They want their music to be a direct vehicle for friendships to form, for stories and experiences to be shared, and for fun to be had.” And mobile helps them!

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