More than Music Artists – Music Festivals!

Check out Sound Session Festival Mobile Fan club From Adva MobileMobile fan clubs for music artists offer great promise for connecting fans to music, but mobile marketing can be a new way for music festivals to engage fans before, during and after the event, reaching them on their "always-with-them" mobile phones.

Before the Festival, fans can be notified of new Artists to the lineup, changes in times, and news from sponsors. At the festival, fans can get up to date lineup changes, directions, maps to bathrooms, stages, parking, the medical tent, etc. Merchandise can be ordered and paid for on phones and picked up at the event, reducing lines at the merch table. After the event the festival can follow up with video and audio for sale, fan comments, press coverage about the event, and other messages to start marketing for next year’s event.

Adva mobile is pleased to announce our first music festival using mobile marketing to engage fans. Providence RI’s SoundSession ‘09, New England's premier summer music festival in Rhode Island's capital city. A multi-stage, genre-defying event, the festival is produced by the Providence Black Repertory Company in collaboration with the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism.

Adva Mobile developed a custom designed mobile experience for fans and attendees of SoundSession ’09, including a unique search function where fans can find music by Artist, Date, and Venue. Check it out: Text soundsession to 43863.