Music Bloggers & Media: Early Preview of "Mobile Fan Club 2.0"

Hi Everyone!
Adva Mobile is preparing to announce our new service "Mobile Fan Club 2.0" in a couple of weeks. It's a superior set of features that enable artist to engage their fans on their mobile phones, better than ever.
Although being an outstanding Mobile Marketing Service for artists, it is still free and we invite artists, managers, promoters and anyone else in the entertainment space to check it out.

To highlight a few of those features:
  • Rich media mobile website, now including Votes, Raffles, Gigs & Tickets, Merch, Exclusive content etc.
  • Fan Blast tool, reaching fans via SMS, Mobile Email and Twitter, targeted by the fans' profile.
  • Rich fan reporting portal with deep fan profiles.
  • Monetization solution for content, tickets and merchandise, optimized for mobile.
For those of you in the music blogosphere or media, we offer you a unique opportunity to cover this announcement early. Please contact us if you're interested.