New Features launched tonight: Try them this weekend!

Hi all,
We're excited to share with you a number of new features we've launched tonight on Adva Mobile. We think these features will help you reach more fans and get them more engaged through your Mobile Fan Club.

In this post we'll just name the new features. We will describe each one in more details in future posts. We encourage you to check out those new features on the site and try them (If you do not yet have a Mobile Fan club, it's time to get yourself one):

  • Voting: Let your fans vote on their favorite song for an encore! Give them a free download as a thank-you. Click here =)
  • Learn much more about your fans, add new ones with the new "Your Fans" page.
  • Mobile Emails: In addition to the SMS Blast, you can now send your fans emails with the new fan blast tool 
  • Target your fans: Use the Blast Filters to alert your fans in the city you're going to perform next (or by their age or gender)
  • Get your LiveNation gigs on your Fan Club: Check out the new integrations page.
There's many more improvements we've made through the site, which we won't go into details here. Over time we will publish posts that describe each feature and how to use it best with your fans.

These new features are a result of great feedback+ideas we got from artists who see the value in their Mobile Fan Club and help us move forward, helping you! So, a big THANK YOU to Yasmin, Bobby Bishop, Jill, Brad and many many others!

Fan Voting now available for your Mobile Fan Club from Adva Mobile

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