Raffles are here!!!

Anyone for two backstage passes? AfterParty passes? Free giveaways?
If you've ever been to a show, you know exactly how electrifying raffles can be. Crowds go wild when they are being offered to participate in a raffle. Chances are, more than 50% of your crowd will participate in a raffle if ran one at the show.
Question is, how do you do that today?
The answer is, most likely, that you don't. Because you can't.
Not anymore!!!

Your fans carry a cell phone in their pocket, which means, now they can participate in your raffle right at the show!
What do you need to do?
  1. Login to the artist portal on Adva Mobile, head over to the Raffles page (under "Your Mobile Site").
  2. Setup a new raffle, schedule it, setup the prize(s) you want to give away. You can also upload complementary content they can download to their phones as a thank-you. 
  3. Promote the raffle:

    • Send an SMS blast to your fans if you like.
    • At the show, tell your fans to text in your keyword ("bobby" to 88704). They will see your promotion message about the raffle on your mobile home page.
What happens next?
  • Your fans join the raffle, and download the content you gave them as a thank-you.
  • When the raffle ends, three things happen:

    • We draw the prizes between all your fans who participated.
    • Your fans get an SMS inviting them to visit the raffle page, where they can find if they won.
    • You get an email, telling you who won and what did they win.

That's it! Simple and fun!
What's left? Go try it!

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