Expert Insight: The value of a Mobile Promotion Component

Kelly Q's mobile fan club is a joint mobile promotion from VIP Entertainment group and Adva Mobile

Effective music promotion used to be a costly campaign that was best left to be handled by the major labels. Now, with the emergence of social networking websites, text and voicemail messaging along with mobile websites, music promotion is easier and more effective than ever. Internet and mobile promotions gives unsigned artists, independent artists and musicians the ability to achieve a level of success that has not been seen in the past decades without the help of major labels. A “Record Deal”, may no longer be necessary to experience the success of having a large fan base to purchase music, tickets or merchandise. The self-promoted artist and independent label now have an avenue where they can promote and sell their music on a global scale.

One of the greatest tools to come available to the independent and self-promoted artist and musicians is mobile media. With the cell phone transforming into the multimedia personal communication device, thanks to the third generation (3G) and now the fourth generation (4G) handsets, it is easier to reach and keep your fan based informed and up-to-date. Mobile web access is a platform that is growing in popularity on a daily basis. Giving your fans the ability to access a mobile website via their Blackberry, iPhone, Sidekick or other handheld device to stay updated on your tour schedule, new recordings and blogs is an incredible tool for promoting you the artist or band. Utilizing Mobile media gives the artist the opportunity to take advantage of proximity marketing. Picture this, as an independent artist, you are at a gig playing to a packed house. Proximity marketing gives you the ability to send every fan with a cell phone, or multimedia device, a text message that gives them a link to your mobile website. Once they access the mobile website, they can click on a link for a free download of the song you just played, or a special offer or some kind of promotion specially designed for those fans in attendance. This, of course, is only if the customer or fan has the equipment needed to receive and has agreed to accept marketing messages. This type of promotions is not only relevant and interactive it also entertains and advertises.

For artists who want to be ahead of the game, creating a mobile (“mobi”) website may increase marketing success with a small investment as well as generate sales and expand your fan base. Artists and musicians can send a message to fans that drives them to the artist’s mobile site where fans can buy music, check out the new dates added to the tour schedule or even enter contests. Every artist that we sign to our management company, VIP Entertainment Group, will definitely have a mobile website as we feel that it is a vital part to their marketing and promotions campaign as well as keeping their fan base connected.

Rodney Lambert 
Owner/ Artist Manager 
VIP Entertainment Group 

About VIP Entertainment Group 

VIP Entertainment Group is a personal management company based out of Southern California. As personal managers, we make sure to represent our clients with honesty, integrity and professionalism. It is our goal to treat every artist that signs on with us like a V.I.P. 
As personal managers, we are responsible for every part of the artist’s career. It involves making decisions we and our artist can live with and developing a trusting relationship. A relationship that matures over time and grows out of mutual respect. It's understanding that the artist’s opinion is an integral part of the decision making process and growth of his or her career.

Founded by Rodney Lambert and Ray Anderson, VIP Entertainment Group manages independent and unsigned artists from various career stages. We specialize in preparing artist packages and presenting them to the industry. We effectively implement marketing strategies and online campaigns to build the artist fan base and create the much needed buzz.

Expert Advice: The value of a Mobile Promotion Component from VIP Entertainment Group

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