Tweet, Post or Share?

Santigold Tweet mobile pageYou may have noticed that recently the footer on your mobile website has changed. Specifically, we've removed 'Share' and 'Post' and replaced those by 'Tweet'.
'Share' meant that fans can tell their friends about your mobile website. It was a tweet that went on their account and carried your friendly name (preceeded by a hash sign) and a link to your site.
'Post' meant sort of a message board where fans would ramble about the band, music or whatever.

Since both of them were really about sharing the experience, and both end up on Twitter (in addition to the mobile website), we've figured it's best and less confusing to merge them into 'Tweet'. Those tweets would go on the fans' Twitter account, tagged with your friendly name and contain a link to your mobile website. When fans come on the mobile 'Tweet' page, we'll present them the Twitter search result on your friendly name.

BTW, if you wanted to substitue the hash mark that preceeds your friendly name with your actual Twitter user ID and '@', you can do that on the 'Fan Posts' page on the artist portal.

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