Send a custom confirmation email to fans who bought merch from you

Following up when fans buy your merch is important, because it gives the fans confidence that this new mobile system really works. The money is going where it should go (that's you, the musicians) for your merch, and the merch ends up with the fan. It also motivates your fans to buy from you again, as you give them personal attention while you're trying to "deliver the goods". Simply put, it's all about good service.

We've introduced a new feature on the artist portal that allows you to define a custom email that will automatically be sent to the fan once they bought merch from you. You can specify the subject, 'From', content of the email in rich text format, and add an attachment.

You can create a different email for every merch item that is sold, or, you can define an email that will serve as 'master' for all the items sold.

This new feature comes in addition to the email you get (the musician) once an item was sold, which also contains the fans' email address to coordinate the delivery of the goods.

To setup this email, when you add or edit a new merchandise item, see the new blue line at the bottom of the page titled "Confirmation Email".

Hope this all make sense and is helpful, we're open for your feedback!
Now's the time to sell merch on your fans mobile phones! Go sell!

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