Weekly Update 5/14/2009

It's been a great week for us at Adva.
The response for the newsletter last week was overwhelming (>70% of the recepients read the newsletter and many had clicked through to the articles on this blog) mainly due to a new level of quality articles this time.
Even more exciting was the ArtistData partnership announcement, that helps bands leverage their assets (gigs, news and blog posts) from ArtistData to their mobile fan club. And then we announced the partnership with CPN, who are using mobile fan clubs for their musicians (see Joyce Sims' club) and sport entertainers.

There have been quite a few features we introduced this week, some of which we didn't even blog about:
  • Uploading exclusive content to grab fans' email addresses and zipcodes (read);
  • We've introduced a fix that helped iPhone users to view pages w/o the iPhone hanging on them (read)
  • We've also introduced a way for you to create a customised automated email that will get sent to fans who purchased merchandise from you (read)
We had nice media coverage this week from Mobile Entertainment, which was exciting.

There's a lot going on, getting ready to be launched or announced...keep with us: it's gonna get interesting around here =)

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