Adva Mobile Launch News – The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the most important new page on the portal because it directs you to all of the activities of the Adva Mobile marketing system for Artists. But we really need to hear from you about whether it works for you, and how we can continually make improvements.

Artists, especially those managing their own fan outreach efforts, don't always know what to use mobile for, so the Dashboard starts with a simple HELP suggestions that tell you what you're supposed to do. The top navigation headers for both Account Management and Mobile Site Design are straightforward, and the Quick Links can be an easier navigation tool for the Artist to get to exactly where they want on this portal.

We especially hope that the Message Board will be a communications tool between Adva Mobile Artists to share best practices that work for them, and also to talk to us. The Dashboard is a really important new feature of the Portal, and we’re always looking for your insight about how to make it better. Let us know.

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