Adva Mobile Launch News – Why Mobile at all?

I am a big fan of Theodore Levitt. He was a Harvard professor who wrote about marketing principles, primarily in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Very famous. One of his famous quotes is that, when buying a drill bit, people do not want a quarter inch drill bit. They want a quarter inch hole.

Same with Artists. You do not want a mobile website. You do not want an iPhone App. You do not want an Android App. You want engaged fans who will support you with their money.

When we went about creating Adva Mobile, we thought that the mobile environment could provide a new capability for Artists to sustain their careers by connecting with fans in a very personal way that was only available through the mobile ecosystem. So, building a platform to provide this toolset for Artists was our mission. We started with Mobile Web because it was a platform available to every fan. Today, the advances of HTML5 are such that the experience of the fan on a Mobile Site is equivalent to the experience of a fan on an App. 

The platform you use to manage your mobile strategy is a single platform that propagates to your mobile site, your Android App, and your IPhone App, simplifying your marketing management. The strategy provides confidence that all of your fans get a terrific experience when they are experiencing you on a mobile phone. Your mobile marketing program can be cost-effectively across all of the platforms because you are not paying for individual development over multiple platforms. 

The endgame, of course, is that you don't care about Mobile Web, Android Apps, iPhone Apps, or marketing platforms. You don't want quarter inch drill bits, you want quarter inch holes. You care about your fans and your relationship with your fans.

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