Adva Mobile Launch News – The New Website

We started this project knowing that we needed a new design for the Artist Portal and mobile websites/ Apps that drive the Artist -- fan relationship. But it was easy to see that the design of the portal would drive an entirely new Website.

We are really pleased with the new Website because it is simple and elegant. For most of the people who access the Website, they are Artists that use Adva Mobile and what's most important to them is an easy login. For those Artists that are not yet Adva Mobile users, and everyone else who is interested in learning what we're all about, the site is minimalist but provides a good overview of what we offer and our philosophy for helping Artists.

So, the bulk of this year-long effort has been to make the Artist portal an easy and attractive platform for managing fans, mobile content, and marketing campaigns so that Artists can have a more personal relationship with their fans. The website is a nice introduction to that concept.

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