Adva Mobile Launch News - While We Were At It

The redesign of our entire platform -- our Website, the Artist Portal, and the Artist Websites/Apps -- was a major project. A number of new features were also added and really are to the benefit of Artist -- fan relationships.

One feature that was really fun to add was the result of the progress that HTML5 has made. Our Artists told us that, when a fan wants to play some of their music, we would send them away from the Artist website and open the music player that was part of the mobile phone operating system. ITunes player, for example. And this wasn’t supporting the Artist goals. But with HTML5, you can now embed a music player right into a mobile website. So we did that, and it's really a much better experience for the fan.

Another cool new feature is digital sales. Now, Artists can sell their songs directly to their fans, and unlike iTunes & Amazon, know exactly which fans made a purchase.

We think Amanda Palmer has it right -- it's not about figuring out how to get your fans to buy your music. It's about letting your fans buying your music. And that includes making it easy for them to purchase your products on mobile.

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