How many of my fans can/will do this? (Enjoy Mobile Fan Clubs)

Gig mobile page, part of the mobile fan club
Many musicians are asking us, or simply having healthy skepticism regarding how many of their fans can, and will enjoy being part of the mobile fan club. I.e., using their mobile phones to:
  • Get alerts and special SMS-notices from their band
  • Download tracks, stream videos of the band
  • Getting early access to purchase tickets and merchandise
  • Sharing the experience with their friends on Twitter and Facebook

A recent research shows that Mobile Shopping is really taking off in US:
A survey of 3,305 online consumers in the US by Pricegrabber.com has found that nearly 58 percent of them own a mobile phone capable of connecting to the web (8 percent own an iPhone). "One in 10 online consumers said they purchase online from their mobile device, 16 percent compare prices and another 16 percent research product details/specifications," writes FierceWireless. Of those in the survey who did makes purchases from their mobile phoens, 58 percent have purchased digital content for their phone, 51 percent have purchased consumer electronics, 37 percent have purchased computers, 36 percent have purchased books, and 31 percent have purchased clothing."

Now is a good time to join and take advantage of this new trend of mobile phones usage:
Start by asking yourself is 'are you willing to experiment?'. Because if you are, you'd get exposed to this new and fun way to connect to your fans, besides all the other benefits we've mentioned in the past (like growing your fan-base, sell tickets & merch etc.).

If you are, then the next thing is being realistic about it. The idea of using one's phone on a mobile fan club is very new. As such, not everybody will 'get it' immediately. They'd need some 'convincing': perhaps a friend will rave about it. But the most powerful and convincing evidence, is if you, the musician, were enthused about it. That shows fans that you believe this will be valuable and fun. And it will help you differentiate yourself from other bands.

Let's get practical: Who of my fans can do it? Well, that's a pretty simple question to answer. Do you know 2 people that have iphone/Blackberry/ T-mobile's G1 Android, or anyone who bought any phone recently? If so, approach them. they can do it, and will have a great experience. They can also purchase tickets and merch on their phones (see below). They will know 2 other friends who have advanced phones and will appreciate the experience. It's got to be a word-of-mouth thing. Emails and posters will have their effect, but it won't be nearly as powerful as a friend recommendation.

Join now, click here.

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