Celebrating 500 Artist on Adva Mobile Portal, With You!

Wow, it seems like only yesterday we've announced our 300th artist to join, and here we are, celebrating our 500th artist to get their own free Mobile Fan Club, with Daphne Willis being the most recent artist to join!

It's been 10 months since we've launched our service, and we're humbled to have realized that through social media channels, like our Twitter feed, Facebook page, MySpace Page, this blog and your recommendations to one another, we've achieved this huge milestone, far sooner than we anticipated. We're thankful for positive reviews we received from the media and artists, as well as constructive feedback that helps us better our service to you daily.

Once again, we'd like to share with you one of our learnings from analyzing how you use our service: We've found that many of you see the value in promoting yourselves on your fans' mobile phones. There are certainly more shoutouts, the widget is posted and used more often and more fans are SMS'ing your keyword in. Perhaps the new behavior we're seeing recently is that some artists have started to make money with their Mobile Fan Club, which is very encouraging. Whether it is ticket sales or merchandise sales, the setup process is a breeze, the service charge is nowhere nearly comparable to other services, and the fan experience is optimal. Fans report that the checkout process is simple and they were happy with the experience.

One worthwhile lesson some artists shared with us is how to leverage the immediacy associated with the fans using their mobile phones to increase your sales: Make your offer seem attractive and time-bound, then send off an SMS-blast to your fans, or shoutout from stage. See, if you tell your fans there are limited amount T-Shirts available for 10% less during the next two hours, whether at or before the show, they are much more likely to purchase those. Once done, they recieve an SMS with the purchase details, they can walk over to the merch table, present the SMS, and walk away with the T-Shirt they just bought. Artists claim they got much better sales than putting up merch on their web properties, where it can stay forever.

From all of us at Adva Mobile, a big THANK YOU to everyone! If you're happy with us, share it with your friends, and if not, let us know!

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