It's time to choose your own password!

Hi all,
In the past we've had many people unhappy with the way we managed passwords when they signed up: previously, we would create a random password for you, and send it to your email. That method was far from perfect...what if we got the wrong email, or that email went into your junk mail...Even if you got the email, you would need to go and change your password on the portal.
Too many people had password issues! no more!

We've just introduced a new signup method, where you can enter whatever password you like. Like before, we will enter you right into the portal so you can start checking out the amazing features we have for you and we will send you the email reminding you of your username and password.
The facilities to recover your password and change it are obviously still there for you!

Hopefully this makes a lot of people happier =). Go sign up now...

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