Introducing new partners: Brimstone and Hector

Adva Mobile welcomes two new partners to our mobile fan club program, with mobile sites designed specially for them and the Artists they serve.

Brimstone Radio is a Web Site and Internet Radio station with Music from the Underground....Way Underground!! Broadcasting 24/7 with 6 weekly shows that air live every week allowing you to hear undiscovered bands from the safety of your own home! Visit BrimstoneRadio.com to check out all of their our live broadcasts, cd reviews, personal profiles of other Brimstone Radio listeners, and of course to listen to the very best of the UNDERGROUND.
Their mobile site includes a a unique search function where fans can search for Brimstone supported Artists by by genre - Rock, Metal, Punk, and Blues. Text BRIMSTONE to 43863 to check these guys out. (GETBRIMSTONE to 88704 after Nov 1).

The Hector Fund conducts Artistfunding campaigns as a service to independent artists and administers the fulfillment of tangible goods to their fans. It’s simple; Fans donate money to support the creative endeavors of their favorite musicians in exchange for exclusive access and perks. Hector also provides Online Marketing Solutions and Mobile Sites with Mobile Shell Applications for iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, etc. Their mobile site lists, and links to, Artists with funding campaigns, and mobile is a key component of their fan interaction. To see what an Artist funding campaign looks like, text HECTOR to 43863 (GETHECTOR to 88704 after Nov 1).

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