Interview with Bobby Bishop

Our Spotlight Artist Bobby Bishop released his newest project "Everyday Man" last July on Chosen Records/Executive Music/Universal Music
Christian Group, and has been building his mobile fan club to help promote his music.
Over 20 fans responded to both his July 31 and September 13 shout outs, and his fan club has grown quickly to over 70 fans. We caught up with Bobby Bishop to talk about how he uses his
mobile fan club to get his message out...

Adva Mobile (AM): Hey Bobby, how is the new CD project Every Man going?
Bobby Bishop (BB): It's going great! It's my best project to date, and has been getting rave reviews, thankfully! The video for the single "Please" has been getting massive Youtube hits, as well as spins on The Gospel Music Channel, Steelroots, and BET Gospel. I'm always looking for creative ways to create awareness. I feel there's always more I can to promote an album. I'm always looking for new and different ways to utilize the tools out here to reach out to people.
AM: ...And that includes efforts to reach out to your fans on their mobile phones
BB: I am a social worker during the day and no matter what the economics are, every kid has a phone. They may not have the latest smart phones, but they all have a phone. My mobile efforts are close to the top of all the things I'm doing to reach out to my fans.
AM: You seem to attract new fans to your mobile fan club every time you're out doing a show. How do you do it?
BB: I have an easy time with my fans because I'm naturally social. You just have to keep it casual and be spontaneous. I now put the shoutout note right in my set list so I don't forget, and tell the fans to get their phones out and text to my fan club. After the show, I am over at the merch table, and lots of them talk to me about the mobile club.
Some of them get the text message but can't get to the site, mostly because they don't have mobile data plans, so I just send them to my site (adva.us/bobby). I'm sure soon everyone will have smart phones and data plans.
AM: What do you think about selling merchandise, music and tickets on fans' mobile phones?
BB: I have my music up for sale on my mobile site, and it's only a matter of time before fans start making purchases directly from their phones. You just have to tell your fans to do it.
AM: Anything else you want to see on your mobile fan club?
BB: It's a great way to attract fans and build up fan lists. And it's free! Ringtones would be cool, and I like the new icons, and can see that you guys are making strong efforts when it come to aestheics!
AM: Okay, that's cool. You know we are always trying to get better. Thanks for using your Mobile Fan Club, and good luck with the new album.

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