Topspin: Data is the future of the Music Biz

Topspin media CEO Ian Rogers gives advice on the value of fans, reaching out to them and collecting their information, and collecting and analyzing the data you get as an emerging artist.

It's a really great advice from Ian.
One note that caught my attention was the following note: "The small artists actually have the same behavior as the large artists in terms of conversion, what people are willing to spend...it's just a different scale. but if you're looking at it on a pure percentage, what percentage of people are willing to pay for the top tier item is the same. that's really good news. Just means the dynamics are the same, you just have a smaller fan base."

"Participate in anything where a fan can express interest in what you're doing and you can then communicate with them."

"The No. 1 reason people don't come to shows is because they don't know about them."

Watch it, I well recommend it!

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