New changes and improvements to your Mobile Fan Club!

We're excited to announce exciting new changes to your Mobile Fan Club
  • Changes to the Links on your Mobile Page Footer
    We've replaced the old links with new fun icons for your Gigs, Merch sales, News, Buzz and your Twitter pages.
  • Your Keyword and Shortcode are changing

    As of Nov 1st, Your keyword is going to change from what it is today to be prefixed by "get". We found it to be much more intuitive to fans to remember "get"+the band name, "get" + the artist name etc. (if your keyword is "Santigold", it will become "GETSantigold". If it's "NBS", it will become "GETNBS". If it's "metal", it will become "GETmetal").
    Our shortcode is also changing from 43863 (GETME) to 88704. So, next time you do a shoutout, or in your mailing lists (if it's after Nov 1st), remember to tell your fans to text "get"+your existing keyword to 88704.

PS. If you want to change your keyword, you can always do that on the artist portal at AdvaMobile.com.

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