For mobile Music-As-a-Service, How Soon is Now?

GigaOm's blog publishes this morning an interesting article by Paul Bonanos on the topic of recent mobile music applications success. (GigaOm's blog is covering new technology and marketing).

According to them, the new Raphsody iPhone app has been downloaded 330,000 times since it's launch in Sep 9, making it the 2nd music app in iTunes store. However, only a minority of Raphsody's web subscribers used the iPhone app to stream music.

The question asked is: "are users finally ready to pay a monthly fee for ubiquitous access to a massive library of music?" (ie. pay extra to listen to music on their phone).

Here's their take:
"The burst of interest in Rhapsody’s app certainly reveals pent-up demand for mobile streams. Some consumers will surely be willing to pay for the chance to hear what they want, when they want, wherever they are. But many would still rather own their music, and some will be content with more restrictive, but free, options. It’s possible that the success of mobile streaming apps will mean that the music-as-a-service model’s time has finally come. We’ll know it has when people stop experimenting, and start paying."

What's that mean to you?
Well, we think your fans are mobile today. They certainly come to your shows and listen to your music in any way they can. They are following you, and "owning" the music you play just makes them "better" fans. that means, more money to you. But, as you well know, nobody pays for music anymore. Those days are gone, so we all had better think of alternative ways to make money. What are some of those channels? Tickets to gigs, merchandise and more. Yes, fans do pay at the door or pre-purchase tickets to your shows. They do buy your CDs, T-Shirts etc.

If you agree that you can excite your fans at the show, and get them to buy something right there, then the way to make money is through their phone, which is exactly what we provide, for free, at Adva Mobile.

Now is the time to get your own free mobile fan club, get started here.


New Music Scene said...

Amir, you are dead-on about where music IS at the moment. And although the smoke hasn't completely cleared from the new terrain, there are some very compelling reasons why artists should seek out new tools to engage their fans and generate an income beyond just CD sales alone.

AdvaMobile has easily become one the most important pieces in my artists' marketing and promotion toolkit and it will likely stay that way for a long time.

Signing up for AdvaMobile is a cinch for the working musician... It's jam-packed with features, it's free, it's easy to setup, and best of all, it helps the artist make money!

Amir Rozenberg said...

Thanks for your insightful and complementary note!
We are trying to help artists see the value in connecting to their fans proactively when they are on the go.

We need more people like yourself who value the service and can spread the word!