Mobilize your gigs from JamBase on Your Mobile Fan Club

Hi Everyone,
We're excited to reveal the next partner in our integration strategy, JamBase. Artists on JamBase portal who sign up for our free Mobile Fan Club service can now automatically import their gigs from JamBase into their Mobile Fan Club daily.
This is another milestone in our strategic effort to reduce the effort required by the artist to manage their promotion channels. Artists should not need to enter their profile, show and merchandise information for every service they sign up for. Similarly, social services like Twitter, Facebook and others share information between them to the benefit of their constituents.
JamBase is a website for fans of live music. By providing the largest database of show listings and ticket information, authoritative content, community, and personalization tools for fans, JamBase connects music fans with the music they love and empowers them to go see live music.
JamBase launched their own iPhone app, delivering Music Fans Mobile Access to Its 70,000 Live Music Show Listings, clearly identifying the potential of reaching fans on their mobile phones.

The integration with JamBase follows after our initial integration with MySpace and ArtistData. We at Adva Mobile are motivated to provide a superior and simple experience for entertainers, and we're already working with the next partner!

How to mobilize your JamBase gigs
  1. If you haven't signed up for your own FREE Mobile Fan Club, do it here.
  2. On the artist portal, visit the 'Integrations' page.
  3. In the 'Gigs' column, check the "JamBase" check box.
  4. Click 'Update'

You're done!

Adva Mobile Integration with JamBase

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